Our research and development activities correspond
quickly to current needs with flexible sensitivity.

We continue to respond to current needs or requirements.

In our company we value the collection of information and the effective use of Information Technology. The sales department works with complete dedication and make a point of speedy transmission of business information to the relative departments in our company. We secure technical personnel who can respond to specific customer requirements as they arise. We have a budgeting system by which we can install manufacturing facilities to meet consumer demand. In addition to this, we are turning our efforts to the following items:

  • Research and development of high-purity and new products
  • Improvement and cost reduction of existing products
  • New research and development of production facilities
  • Development of products for new fields

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Our Research Accomplishments

  • Creation of purified water coming from underground water containing high concentrations of salt
  • Establishment of techniques concerning transportation of granular and slurry substances
  • Establishment of techniques for high-purity reagents, etc.
  • Establishment of anti-caking techniques for consolidated crystals (without using any agents)
  • Research of reagents, which inject genes into cells
  • Establishment of techniques of drying respective crystals

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