Corporate Creed

We value sincerity, try to create innovative ideas, try to put affection and effort in our job and strive for continuous reliability and development.

General Management Guidelines

  1. To make a contribution to society through the manufacture and distribution of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
  2. To be a company in which employees can be adequately compensated and intellectually satisfied through and by their work.

President / Yoshiaki Takasugi

President /Yoshiaki Takasugi

Our Business Philosophy

Our Business Philosophy

"Gyo wo gyo zuru"
(lit. Practice the practice)

Our business philosophy is 'Gyo wo gyo zuru' (practice the practice). This is a phrase in the Hannya-Shingyo, one of the Buddhist Scriptures. The meaning of this phrase is: when one can 'live being true to the goals of one's existence, fulfilling the original purpose of one's life by making it a vital objective,' one can achieve enlightenment. That is to say 'practice' should become one's daily goal.

At Takasugi Pharmaceutical 'Gyo wo gyo zuru' is acknowledged in our daily work. The meaning for us is:

  1. Each one of us should conduct his work with vigor and dedication, infusing it with intrinsic value.
  2. Each one of us should persevere through challenges to achieve the highest goal rather than being content with the status quo.

In every aspect we are true to the ideal of 'practicing the practice'. Through perpetually pursuing this aim, we can achieve our position as an irreplaceable company producing valuable products beneficial to society.

We will continually aim to strive forward into the future as a company 'practicing the practice'.